• Life should be a celebration!

    Life should be a celebration!

    PRI Vision provides renewed hope for those who think they have tried everything but continue to suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, dizziness and poor sleep. .

  • Integration Is The Key!

    Integration Is The Key!

    Many people out there are asking themselves, "Why can't I get better?" The answer is, you haven't tried integrated, one-on-one care with our doctor and therapist at PRI Vision!

  • Bring The Smiles Back Into Your Life

    Bring The Smiles Back Into Your Life

    Young and old alike are finding relief and solutions to their frustrating, chronic, physical problems at PRI Vision!

  • Get Your Game Back!  Play Pain Free!

    Get Your Game Back! Play Pain Free!

    What do you love? Where are your passions? Let us help you get back to the things you love with our groundbreaking integrated approach.

  • Get your Life back!

    Get your Life back!

    Don't let chronic pain run your life. Learn how PRI VIsion can help!

  • Don't Give It Up,  Get It Back With PRI Vision!!

    Don't Give It Up, Get It Back With PRI Vision!!

    Hit the slopes! We can help you get back into the game of life. Don't miss a thing!

  • Kick Your Life In Gear!

    Kick Your Life In Gear!

    Chronic pain problems related to overuse and sports injuries? We have been there and done that for world class athletes and amateur weekend warriors alike!

  • Get Strong Again!

    Get Strong Again!

    Maintaining your strength and flexibility is the key to a long happy life full of your favorite things. You don't have to slow down if you take advantage of PRI Vision's integrated care!

Jason Robey ‏@RobeyJason ..
@HeidiWiseOD @RonHruska Miserable and in pain without my PRI Vision glasses. With my glasses and exercises I'm a different person. #Thanks
- Director of Athletic Training at Appalachian State University

What is PRI Vision? Here’s Our Story

Ron Hruska, MPA, PT, has spent the better part of the last 25 years developing the science of Postural Restoration. Ron dedicated himself to studying the causes of chronic pain and discomfort that can occur in any part of the human body. What he found was that there seems to be several common dysfunctional ways that humans use their muscles and joints and that over time these become ingrained into our nervous system and become permanent adaptations. These are evident in the way a person stands, walks, sits, plays a sport or an instrument, uses a computer, or in many other daily activities. What is PRI Vision? Keep Reading.